Copying Archived RCR Shows

Some programmers have requested a method to keep a personal archive of their shows. To do so, please follow the following procedure. Please note: This can only be done while you are in the studio, which means it is ideally done immediately following the completion of your show. Also, programs are deleted after 2 weeks from the studio computer, so don’t wait too long!

1. Put a USB Drive in to the keyboard USB port. The keyboard USB ports are on the left and right hand sides of the keyboard, underneath it.
2. Click iTunes on the Dock to bring it forward.
3. On the left hand side, click “Music.” (Arrow #1 in image below)

iTunes Screen Capture

4. Unless someone has changed the view settings from what you see in the screen grab above, you should be viewing in “Song” mode. If not, click the drop down arrow in the upper-right of the iTunes screen (Arrow #4 in above image) and select “Songs.”
5. Next, you have the option of sorting the library by “Name” — which is a program’s name — (Arrow #2 in image above) or by “Date Added” (Arrow #3 in image above). The latter is useful if you are attempting to copy your show immediately after it airs.
6. If you chose to sort by “Name”, scroll the list until you find your program’s name. If you sorted by Date Added, you should see your show at the top of the list. If not, click the Date Added header to sort again.
7. Click on your program’s name. (DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK or you will play your program!) Note the date of the program is also part of the name. Using the mouse, choose any or all of programs you wish to copy.
8. Once the program(s) are highlighted go to the “Edit” menu in iTunes and choose “Copy.”
9. Click on the Finder in the dock. A window will open. Under “Devices” will be your USB drive.
10. Click your USB drive.
11. Go to the “Edit” menu again and this time choose “Paste.”
12. This will copy your mp3(s).
13. When they are all done copying, click the arrow above a line next to the name of your USB drive — the eject button.
14. Remove your USB drive.