Using Dropbox with RCR

Quick Guide

  1. Confirm with the tech committee the date your first automated show will play and the date your last automated show will play. You must give the tech committee at least one week’s notice.
  2. If you do not have a dropbox account, create one.
  3. Inform the tech committee the e-mail address associated with your Dropbox account.
  4. Accept the invitation via e-mail to the “Programmer Imports” shared folder.
  5. Log in to Dropbox.
  6. Open the Programmer Imports shared folder.
  7. Upload your completed MP3 file to this folder.

Detailed Instructions
The Tech Team at Royalton Community Radio (RCR) has implemented a method for uploading programming into the system via the free service, Dropbox. This method is reserved for programmers who do not produce their shows live OR for occasional use when live coverage for a program is not available. It is not designed for off-and-on use as doing so creates extra work for the Tech Team.

There are 3 steps for using the Dropbox method:

STEP 1 – Confirm with the Tech Team
The first step in this process is to give the Tech Team plenty of time to accommodate the program change. It is a good idea to allow at least 1 week before the scheduled need. Please email the Tech Team ( to request a change to the program schedule. When the Tech Team gets back to you please have your program ready to go by following the instructions for creating your show in advance. To learn how to prepare your program for automation, please read the tutorial. It is imperative that your show follows the rules in place for the Dropbox method to work.

If your situation is a temporary one, make sure to let the Tech Team know the start date you need to begin automating your show and when you plan to return to the studio. This will allow the Tech Team to set up the scripts necessary to accommodate you while you are out.

STEP 2 – Create Dropbox Account
If a programmer doesn’t already have a free Dropbox account they can set up one themselves at, or they can simply request an invitation from the Tech Team. For information on how to download and install the free software, please visit the Dropbox install page:

Dropbox has a great deal of information on how to use their free service so we will not be recreating that information in this tutorial. Please see for any Dropbox-specific questions. Some useful Help topics include:

If a programmer already has an account, they will need to request an invitation to share the “Programmers Imports” folder. Simply send an email to from the email address associated with the Dropbox account, and the tech team will send the invitation.

STEP 3 – Save File
The basics of the method are that once an account is set up, and the mp3 is saved with the proper tags, simply saving (or uploading) the program mp3 into the Programmers Import folder will import the program and start the automation process.