Weekly Preview for the week of June 4, 2017

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store for the week of June 4, 2017 on Royalton Community Radio. All of our locally produced shows (everything below) are on the air at the times mentioned after each blurb, or anytime at your leisure by visiting our RePlay page: www.royaltonradio.org/streaming.

One Planet Groove features a look back, Van Morrison + Them with “Don’t Look Back and a version with John Lee Hooker decades later, also Van covering a fave of mine, “Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” this week’s cover of “Norwegian Wood,” and a beauty collaboration: John Prine with Roger Cook singing “Love Is On a Roll”. We will have OPG favorites Jorma, Lucinda, Paul Brady, Andy Irvine and Mavis as well. Live Sunday 8-10AM, rebroadcast Friday, 3-5 PM.

Backtracking  bringsFine R&B and blues from the Modern label and tracks from Ruth Brown, Maria Muldaur, Omar & the Howlers to the Royalton airwaves on Sunday as well as another look at Connecticut garage bands. Live Sunday 10AM-Noon, rebroadcast Wednesday 12-2PM.

Backroads, Bluegrass, and Beyond features a Jenny Brook Bluegrass Fest (JBBF) ticket giveaway  as our next stop on the FVR SummerFest Tour. Also, a focus on the Volunteer State (TN) featuring a unique NewFound Road take on “Aint’t no Sunshine”…the Bill Withers’ classic. Live Sunday 7-9PM, rebroadcast Wednesdays, 3-5PM.

Sunday Night Flashback will start with two sets of moldy oldies followed by classic acid rock and music for the mind! Live Sunday 9-11PM, rebroadcast Wednesday, 11PM-1AM

The Monday Morning Mix returns to Jazz for openers with some Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb, and Duke Ellington.  Just to mix it up I’ll have a set of oldies with the Beatles and the Cookies.  Then some Blue eyed soul from Delaney and Bonnie, some newer stuff from Edd Sheehan and the Black Keys.  To finish off, a set of R&B from Duke Robalard and Dwight and Nicole.  Tune in live Monday 7-10AM, rebroadcast Tuesday 1-4AM

In My Bones hosted by Rebecca Beguin brings extended sessions, concerts or events, starting with the Rail Band and proceed from there over the summer months. Live Mondays 7-8PM, rebroadcast Tuesda 4PM

In It For The Long Run this week focuses on the incredible songwriter, producer Allen Toussaint, with songs from Aaron Neville, Lee Dorsey, The Meters and Allen Toussaint himself. A quick trip to the land of dreams, New Orleans. Live Monday 8-9PM, rebroadcast Wednesday 2-3PM

Blues Train Live Monday 9-11PM, rebroadcast Saturday 7-9PM

The Tuesday Morning Mix gives a nod to Sgt. Pepper and a reverent bow to Greg Allman, spins a beautiful song from Kristina, and slips deeply into the blues. Lots of other stuff in between. Of course, the word of the week, and maybe a pithy saying too.  Hosted by The Rev. Allagash Bill. Live Tuesday 7-10AM, rebroadcast Wednesday 1-4AM

Vermont Independent Perspectives Live Tuesday 11AM-Noon, rebroadcast Friday 6-7AM

One Guitar features an all-jazz show by solo guitarists playing on both electric and acoustic guitars. Live Tuesday 2-3pm rebroadcast Saturday 2-3pm

Help on the Way (an Evening of Grateful Dead Music) is headed to Eugene, Oregon this week! Co-hosted by Keenan Haley and Ross McGee. Live Tuesday 7-9PM, rebroadcast Saturday noon-2PM 

4th Branch Jazz has a mix of old & new jazz. New stuff from Ahmad Jamal, older Art Tatum. Have you heard Jazzmeia Horn sing? I’ll feature her as well as Diana Krall, Shirley Horn, Kendrick Scott Oracle (& the amazing Lizz Wright), Yussef Kamaal, and others. Hosted by The Rev. Allagash Bill. Live Wednesday 7-9PM, rebroadcast Sunday 1-3AM and Wednesday 4-6AM 

Elephant’s Dream will continue it’s sardonic slog through the last 100 Daze at 8AM and feature a few Toasty Extended Jams in the 9AM hour.  Hosted by Todd. Live Thursday 7-10AM, rebroadcast Friday 1-4AM

GreenZine The 10AM & 11AM broadasts of Radio EcoShock and GreenZine this Thursday may be interrupted by live coverage of the Senate Hearing with former FBI Director, James Comey.___. Live Thursday 11AM-noon, rebroadcast Sunday 2-3PM

Hannah Handy and Me will be all Bob Dylan this week. There will be Bob and many others doing covers. The lineup includes:Richie Havens, George Harrison, Leon Russell, Johnny Winter, Chrissie Hynde. Plus an on air interview of a person of note. Hosted by John Scott Duffy. Live Thursday 5-7PM, rebroadcast Tuesday 11PM-1AM

The Antidote with  Jamie Gage will be dishing a healthy heaping of global and local social justice-themed music on 6/15, with a special focus on the work of Neil Young. Live Thursday 7-9PM, rebroadcast (previous week’s show) 11PM-1AM

Community Chat Host Bridgett Taylor, will be reading and discussing letters to the editor from 6/1 and 6/8 regarding the SoRo school merger vote published in the Herald. Live Friday 6-7PM, rebroadcast 7-8AM

Hutch’s Hobby devotes both hours to music from the Great American Songbook. Among the artists visited are Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Sarah Vaughan, Bobby Darin, Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller & The Modernaires. Live Saturday 5-7PM, rebroadcast Friday 4-6AM

Nocturnal Combustion takes a dive into the world of punk compilations. Pre-curated mixes, label samplers, regional comps, and soundtracks will make up the entirety of the show with many of the songs being the only output some bands ever recorded. Hosted by josh. Live Saturday 9-11PM, rebroadcast Tuesday, 4-6AM

* The 10AM & 11AM broadasts of Radio EcoShock and GreenZine this TH may be interrupted by live coverage of the Senate Hearing with former FBI Director, James Comey.