Korean folk sounds weaved into psychedelic rock at The HOP in Hanover, NH!


April 17, 2024    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Hopkins Center for the Arts
4 E Wheelock Street , Hanover, New Hampshire, 03755

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Korean folk sounds weaved into psychedelic rock.


With classical Korean instruments (geomungo, tungso and daegum) alongside vocals, guitar and percussion, this six-piece music group infuses modern influences into traditional music through bold, youthful style, heartfelt lyrics and a psychedelic sound. The group draws inspiration from a variety of global sounds, including Anglo-American rock, Balkan gypsy and genres from South America and Africa.

The name Coreyah is a Sino-Korean homonym that refers to the inheritance of the past. In Korean, it means “whale”—the group’s totem animal and good luck charm.