Royalton Community Radio is an all-volunteer community radio station. We currently have 32 programmers bringing you live and local: music, talk, community news, and anything else that can get out of the antenna.
Programmers at WFVR

Matt Adams, Made in America

Brian Aust, Woodwarbler’s Jazz Grass Radio Show

Shay Berry - The Rabbit Hole
When you enter The Rabbit Hole, you quickly realize, “Not all who wander are lost.” Join us live on Wednesday’s from 8-9 PM and Sunday from 2-3 PM (Rebroadcast) as we wander into this week’s journey featuring an artist, band, genre, time-period or theme from just about every type of musical taste. “If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there.” Hosted by: Shay Berry (and other contributing Mad Hatters).

Rebecca Beguin, In My Bones- In My Bones: explores African music both plugged and unplugged, classic post-colonial to contemporary with commentary on the motifs and traditions within the music. All regions are explored and over the years I have pushed further to what I can find, thanks to a world network of producers and labels bringing out this music. Listen to the wide variety of drumming and percussive keyboard as well as African guitar calibrated and often self-built to regional musical scales and to replicate traditional stringed instruments as well as balofon and mbira.

West African music has been the most accessible to us here in the states as it has Europe’s ear, while music from southern Africa takes more searching out. This interest has grown out of my connection to South Africa, having grown up in the lowveld south of the Limpopo River, and music from that region is particularly resonant for me.

Paige Beyer, Pro Bono with Paige Beyer- Paige got her start in radio at Kenyon College in the basement of Farr Hall where she co-hosted a show for four years. An avid music fan, Paige loves how radio connects people through the airwaves. She currently hosts "Pro Bono with Paige Beyer," delivering an eclectic mix of artists, both established and emerging, free of charge!

Josh Brown, Nocturnal Combustion- "If he hadn't found punk rock, punk rock would have found him", said the person who introduced josh brown to The Clash at a church camp dance in high school, 25 years later. The rest, as they say, is the same old story of picking up cheap records from thrift stores and record store dollar bins. When he's not testing the max level of the WFVR-LP studio monitors, he moonlights as a tech team member at Royalton Community Radio.

Nocturnal Combustion features his idea of good music from around the world of diy punk, hardcore, pop punk, region rock, harsh noise, and antifascist black metal.

Bob DiBartolo, Wednesday Morning Mix, Friday Morning Mix, Classic American Radio

John Scott Duffy, The Blues Train, Hannah Handy and Me- John Scott Duffy has been listening to music for many years. He says “AM radio was big in my early years. I missed being able to stack shellac-made 33 RPMs on my record player, but did have these playlists playing on ones made of vinyl. There were 45s, LPs, 8-tracks, cassettes and CDs. I draw from these memories many musical genres- so; anything can happen on Hannah Handy and Me”. Occasionally there is a segment entitled: I See Dead People. On this those in the ethereal world are interviewed in order to add a sense of history for the listeners.

In addition, I share the responsibility of keeping the Blues Train on track. As in the real world there are two people responsible for this, Blues Brother Todd Tyson and myself. Two are required, an engineer and a conductor; the former is responsible for operating the locomotive, while the latter plays a supervisory role over the entire operation. I get to wear an engineer’s cap on alternating Tuesdays!

Kris Ekstrand, Northern Lights- Music has been a life-long passion of mine. I grew up listening to all kinds of music from jazz, classical, and traditional music from all over the world. That left me with an eclectic and some have said eccentric taste in, and collection of music. My interest in the obscure and off-beat is satisfied most often in old record bins at junk shops and yard sales. Sharing these odd finds brings me a tremendous amount of pleasure.

Northern Lights is an heretofore un-curated compilation of music from the Northern Latitudes that comes glimmering, undulating and shuddering onto the airwaves each Sunday. Though most of the music played is of a traditional nature, the unexpected can only be expected. Will there be French Canadian, yodeling cowboy music from the 1940's, local Vermont songs about Lumber Jacks, pensive tunes from the Faroe Islands, Norwegian dance tunes or old-time rollerskating music? Your curiosity will only be assuaged by tuning in each week.

Jamie Gage, Green Mountain Global- Jamie Gage is the creator and host of Green Mountain Global, a two-hour show featuring Vermont musicians and social protest music from America and abroad, since 2013. A poet, songwriter, and father of three, Jamie has served in his day job in a variety of careers in management and marketing, web services, tourism and the arts, and most recently in health and home care. His hope is to connect his playlists, and his own poems and songs, with listeners interested in confronting today’s common problems with a sense of tenacity and resolve.

Steve Gagliardone, My Generation

Ty Gagliardone, My Generation

Pat Halpin, Wrote A Song - This show highlights the works of various singer/songwriters, touches on the craft of songwriting, and strives to have a good time. I try to play songs that exemplify the human condition with wit, humor, joy, sorrow, love, hate, hunger and satisfaction. Turn on and tune in.

Thomas Healy, Concert Music Safari - There's more variety in that vast mysterious world known as Classical Music than your public radio stations are letting on. WFVR-LP invites you to a weekly exploration of this wide ranging genre on Concert Music Safari, hosted by Thom Healy. Experience, perhaps for the first time, a refreshing variety of diverse unknown or neglected composers from across the musical periods (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, Post-Modern), performed by an array of dedicated performers and conductors who refuse to let good/great musical statements be forgotten.
Your host earned a degree in Composition at New England Conservatory, and has spent decades performing collecting and promoting music that will engage, inspire, soothe and enlighten both mind and spirit...2 hours at a time!
Cecily Herzig, Connections
Cecily got her start in radio in 1993 at Mount Holyoke College on WMHC 91.5 fm playing indie rock and jazz.  For her show Connections she picks a new artist each week and explores not only their inspiration but also their legacy of influence on those that followed.  Tune in to find out how Sun Ra and NRBQ are connected or how you can go from Blondie to the Beastie Boys.  Follow her on Instagram @connections_wfvr to hear about who will be featured each week.

Shelby Kalm - Greetings from...
Every show we travel to a different location and play music created in and inspired by that destination.

Paul Kifner, Monday Morning Mix

John Lanza, Sunday Night Flashback
Sunday Night Flashback is exactly what it sounds like. A Flashback to the music that brings you back to a time in your life when you discover the beauty of music and begin to shape your musical 🎶 tastes 😊
I’m Boomer🍄 (aka John Lanza) I’m a drummer who has playing drums since I was 12 ( I’m now 72). Music is and always will be a very important part of my life. My show is done entirely on vinyl from my own personal collection 🎶
Join my in a musical journey that takes you through the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. I’m open to your feedback and comments as to how I can continue to make my show better. You can reach me at
Looking forward to doing this for years to come 🎶🎶
Yours Till Rock n Roll Dies

Peter Marshall, The Middle Branch - Music has been an essential nutrient in my life. Sharing a new mix with friends brought the satisfaction of personal gift. Now, years later, I share my love of music through this community radio station with my show "The Middle Branch," airing Tuesdays at 9pm.

Ross McGee, How Sweet It Is: A Night of Jerry Garcia - I'm excited to be back at Royalton Community Radio with a new show for 2020. "How Sweet It Is: A Night of Jerry Garcia" will be focused around the music of Jerry Garcia - mainly focusing on Jerry's side gigs such as the Jerry Garcia Band, Old and In The Way, Jerry and David Grisman and Jerry and John Kahn. I'll also throw in some Grateful Dead stuff every once in a while, but I really want this show to focus on all the other musical endeavors that Jerry dipped his toes into.

Russ Martin, Backtracking

Thomas Meek, "The Soul In Da House" Music that touches your inner soul and makes you feel good.

Ralph S. Molinario- Backroads Bluegrass and Beyond
I’ve been going to Bluegrass festivals since 1973 starting with the Berkshire Mountain Bluegrass Festival. There my love for the genre started. There is something in bluegrass music that touches the soul.

I’ve been fortunate enough in my travels to see and hear many amazing performances by the best in the business and making sure I was involved with connecting with the artists I admired. Since starting this program on WFVR in January (with a short sabbatical in March), I’ve tried to bring my love of Bluegrass to the radio waves and over the internet worldwide!

Todd Tyson, who I’ve known for at least 25 years encouraged me to try my hand at bringing my experience to a program he created. He had more confidence in me than I did! I now look forward every Wednesday @1:PM to 3PM to bring a bit of “Happy” music to anyone who’ll listen! I try to be creative in my selections sometimes theme based. I have a deep love of the “Traditional” Bluegrass bands, but I really love the “Newgrass” and Americana bands as well. And as I always start my program with J.D. Crowe’s Words of Wisdom saying, “Country Rocks, But Bluegrass Rules!”

Tim Murphy, One Planet Groove- Tim Murphy behind the mic for "One Planet Groove" on RCR I live in downtown SoRo with my wife Rhonda and rescue shih tzu "Lass", father of three, member of the "Snakes of Ireland", current Royalton Selectboard member, Construction Trades & Management teacher at Randolph Technical Career Center + younger brother of the "Reverend Allagash Bill". My goal is to create interesting musical menu's for my show and when I can find time hike, bike and paddle the length of Vermont.

I hold down my corner of RCR with "One Planet Groove" Sunday mornings from 8 - 10 am on Royalton Community Radio. "OPG" is an eclectic mix of genre's from 'round the planet. Celtic, Folk, Groove, Soul, Roots, Rock and Reggae. We feature one song each week for the entire year, this year being the great John Hartford tune "Gentle On My Mind" past featured tunes include "Girl from the North Country", "Norwegian Wood","I Shall Be Released", Over the Rainbow" and "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness". I've been part of the RCR lineup since the early daze and still think it's the best job ever! Royalton Community Radio is a wonderful community of folks here in Central Vt. Big thanks to all our generous underwriters.

Peter Neri, One Guitar- Peter began playing the electric guitar as a teenager in Connecticut rock groups that opened for some nationally known acts (The Lovin’ Spoonful, Dave Clark 5, to name a couple - yeah, he’s THAT old). When his bands broke up, Peter moved West and performed as a solo folk/blues performer in California and Montana. Returning East, he moved to the Upper Valley of Vermont and entered the corporate world in order to support his family, but still found time to play music both in a local band (Still More Cats) and as a solo guitarist.

“One Guitar” was conceived in 2015 on WFVR and could be the longest continually running radio broadcast of its kind anywhere, airing ONLY solo guitar instrumentalists (with no accompaniment), representing multiple musical genres - Folk, Classical, Americana, Jazz, Slack Key, New Age, Latin and the indescribable genres, all get their turn on One Guitar.

Carl Newman - The Breakfast Club
Inviting you to spend your Wednesday mornings with Carl & The Breakfast Club featuring old favorites, precious obscurities, & promising newcomers, the soundtrack of my wanderings & occasional surprises to astound & delight you. Music has been the great love of my life & the people who make this music are my friends, heroes & guides. May I share what I've learned with you?

Isabella Pardales, Spool Radio 
Isabella got her start in radio at Hobart and William Smith Colleges on WHWS 105.7fm where she hosted Spool Radio for three years. "Spool" very loosely translates to "cool," as Spool Radio is her idea of good (cool) music. It is also a nod to her passion for sewing and other fiber arts. She gives credit to her parents for sharing their eclectic taste in music with her from a young age.
You can expect to hear a variety of genres and the occasional themed show about the origins of surf punk or songs about shoes. She is very happy Spool Radio will live on at WFVR during her time at Vermont Law School.
Cindy Perry, Theme Park - Hi! I’m Cindy Vermette, born and bred in good ole central VT. My show is CV’s Theme Park. I take a theme each week and run with it playing various genres of music covering the theme. I like to say If you don’t like what you hear, just wait a minute..maybe you’ll hear something you like even less!😁
I miss the old radio stations I used to listen to that played various genres and weren’t categorized as Country, Classic Rock, etc.
I feel like good music is good medicine for the soul & hopefully some of my Theme Park songs, depending on which genre you’re in the mood for can medicate your soul!

Jim Rooney, In It For The Long Run- “In It For The Long Run” with Jim Rooney explores Jim’s musical journey of more than 60 years as a Bluegrass singer (with banjoist Bill Keith), major figure in the Folk Revival in the ‘60’s at the Club 47 in Cambridge and the Newport Folk Festival, recording studio manager at Bearsville Sound in Woodstock, NY in the early ‘70s, and as a record producer and music publisher in Nashville from the mid-seventies to the present.(John Prine, Nanci Griffith, Iris DeMent, Hal Ketchum, Tom Paxton, Tom Rush Peter Rowan and more) It’s been a long and winding road with no end in sight.

Henry Swayze, GreenZine

Jenn Tabor, The Good Stuff

Jenn is new to the WFVR team but was born and raised in central Vermont swimming in the rivers and skiing the mountains. Jenn enjoys treasure hunting for antiques, classic cars and vinyl records. As a crafter and creator, Jenn looks to bring a fun play list with rhythmic tunes and amazing musicians. The goal of the show is to keep you smiling and your energy high!

Bridgett Taylor, Community Chat

Todd Tyson, The Elephant’s Dream, Backroads Bluegrass and Beyond, The Blues Train, GreenZine - Todd has been listening to all kinds of radio since the mid-60’s and producing radio shows since 1976 on stations in PA, DE and VT. Currently, he is the Station Manager of WFVR-LP in South Royalton, VT while hosting or co-hosting “Backroads Bluegrass and Beyond”, “The Blues Train”, “The Elephant’s Dream” and “GreenZine”.

“The Elephant’s Dream” (named after a nearby ‘high spot’) features an expansive repertoire of music and commentary that wanders down the sonic corridors of folk, blues, jazz, global, bluegrass, Celtic and over to the hip flip side!