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6/13 Show info:

Chimney Swifts sighted in great number over the Winoosky river
First 19 minute Katharine Hayhoe: skip intro first minute and stop when resiliency comes up 19 minutes in:
At 11:40 we will host Hannah Morgan, leader of Families Rise Up. Organizing people to come to the statehouse Monday,9 AM to champion the Renewable Energy Standard bill and Pollinator protection act veto override. 10-15 minutes.

6/6 Show info:                             recommendations or questions:

Blackburnian Warbler Adult maleMy fling adventure then the bird I heard while waiting for rescue
Guest: Jenny Carter Vermont Law school Institute for Energy and the Environment How are we doing and how do we speed it up? overvides?
She was instrumental in getting Mass to adopt the California car emission regs, LIHEAP house tightening campaign, forming VT efficiency utility and more.
Also: Consider what sub saharan Africa are doing to build electricity available from scratch with out a grid: Can we learn from them?
 * UN chief calls for world wide ban of advertising from the Fossil  Fuel industry.
* 10 ways to reduce microplastics in your personal environment:
* $s you can acess:
Actions and events: contact your legislators.
Override the governor’s veto on the bee killing neonics:
Override the governor’s veto of H289 the renewable energy standard. Legislators need to hear that you support a veto override for H. 289, the Renewable Energy Standard on June 17th!  Here are the legislators that particularly need to be encouraged to vote in support of the RES. Please call or email them if they are your Senator!
  • Sen. Sears in Bennington County

  • Sen McCormack from Windsor County

  • Sen Julow from Grand Isle who is replacing Sen Mazza

  • Sen. Chittenden from Chittenden Southeast

  • Sen. Wrenner from Chittenden North

VPIRG link to contact your legislator:

5/30 Show info:


Talking Climate with Katharine Hayhoe:

Guest: Hot topics with Courtney Collins: Viewers can access the talk by either going to: 
(1.) for the Livestream channel- all past presentations, or 
(2.)   by viewing the talk on the Vermont Law School Facebook live page: 
You can view the schedule of the upcoming talks here:
And finally, you can watch all of the talks held already this summer here:
Take action: or today ask the govener to hol big oil accountable

5/23 Show info

News summary:
Biden adm sends money and mandate to build out the grid.. in the meantime other forms of battery storage are becoming available to make better use of the grid we now have. (gravity,iron and heat batries  of note)
Learned at second Bionutrient session:
Omega 6 & 3- We are what we eat and what it ate.

Presentation #2 from the 11th Soil & Nutrition Conference

Ken Hamelton & John Umhau (past-NIH)

  • Our diet has moved away from a well balanced ratio of omega 6-3 to one very heavy on 6s and it is devastating to our health. Heart, allergies, and problems of the brain including: addiction, depression, autism and on are all affected and never were there before shifting to a high 6 diet.

  • Feedlot beef has as much as 15X more 6 than grass fed beef. It is the grain that does it but if we sprout or ferment before animal digestion then the 3s become highly dominant.

  • Also sprouted grains are strong on 3s for our own diet as is algae based foods and seafoods.

  • Chickens fed grain produce eggs and meat heavy in 6s. Feed sprouted grains and then they are then heavy on 3s.

  • Fast growing animals are tender and tasty. Feedlots do that well. Grass-legume-herb fed animals do not tend to grow as fast because the forage is slower to digest but if we ferment the forage especially with the right additives we can get to feedlot growth rates and produce a very tender tasty product even at a lower cost and having very high Omega 3s.

My quick overview of what I took away.      Henry Swayze  5/21/’24

Guest at 11:35 Griffin Sinclair-Wingate “A Summer of Heat” direct action to starve big oil of money. On Line tonight at 7:30.

Audio teaser for joining the Climate Cabinet. getting the transition to renewable energy done. It is all about getting the right decision makers in the driver’s seat.

5/16 Show info                          To reach

Bird note: The interrelationships of ecosystems: fish, birds, whales and temperature rise.
Learned from week one of the Bionutrient food conference. System of production does not tell the quality story. We are rarely getting over 50% of the way to top quality food. Diversity in the soil-plant ecosystem is the key. Let measuring side by side with a refractometer or your tongue be your guide. See: Listen to our 5/2 interview with Dan Kitridge:
Katharine Hayhoe: There are no silver bullets we need all solutions.,vid:-TS5L0YYPLk,st:0
Actions: Ask your congressmen and women for a carbon price message in products purchased. Currently we do not know what is damaging and what is just fine.
see: v

5/9 Show info                                   To reach

Spring Blume and Cooper’s Hawk:
Guests: The antidote to gloom and doom, Bob and Suzan Ciernia, long term environmentalists, VT leaders of Citizens Climate Lobby Get empowered. see what you can make happen.
Importance of voting:

Decarbonizing trucking and also natural gas to electricity EPA new rules.

5/2 Show info                               To reach


And deploy hummingbird feeders  4 H2O to 1 sugar
Spring leaves,Be Sure to observe and enjoy
New block of apartments in Winooski are being heated and cooled by ground source heat pumps. 200 gph from one well returned to a second. Ground temp is the average of its surface temp over the year. Locally it can be driven down or up. 
INTERVIEW: The connection between growing nutrient dense food, carbon sequestration and Climate:  Our Guest Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient association

4/25 Show info                                          To reach us:

Other prime keystone species: gray wolf, star fish, beaver
*ephemeral: trillium life cycle: 7 years to bloom, 25-50 years longevity, picking kills the plant – it requires leaves to store food for next year, some spread by ants taking the seed home, see:
Guest: Josiah Raiche is the Vermont AI Director
Subject area:
*The good and the bad of IA … why has the state created your position?
*What do we have to do as a society to keep AI headed in the right direction?
*From an energy perspective will data centers or AI usage impact the New England grid?
Notes, links & events:
* Tells you what $s YOU are eligible for assistance with now and in 2025.

*Please join us next Thursday evening, May 2, at 6:00 p.m. for an online VPIRG member briefing on S.259, the Vermont Climate Superfund Act.


This legislation, which will hold the largest fossil fuel companies accountable for a fair share of the climate crisis and reduce the costs that Vermonters pay, passed the Senate last month on a tri-partisan vote of 26-3.

*Vermont’s First Federally Funded EV Fast Chargers Now Operational
To: <>

4/18 Show info

Bird Note:

Guest: Avram Patt, Past head of Washington Electric co-op and now a member of the VT House serving on the energy committee:
Possible questions:
What should the future electricity grid look like? …
*How do we get to a truly smart grid where there is feedback to the user to tailor their behavior for the good of all?
*With moving to electrify everything for efficiency and the future a livable earth how do we eliminate wasteful usage and how do we make it just?
*With the costs of maintaining the grid holding even or rising and the cost of renewable generation getting ever cheaper how do we price power and the privilege of being connected to the grid?
*Should we be doing more with micro grids or a sense of ownership?
*Changing behavior is difficult. Is it necessary and if so how?
An interesting Volts podcast on the grid and climate- China:
Showing on line: Regenerative Food and prison recidivism
Tonight at 7PM join a national fix the grid online meeting. a grid with justice and aimed to fix the climate. register @ 

4/11 Show info Have comments email

Bird Note:

European Court of Human Rights rules in favor of Swiss Women elders for having their rights taken away by governmental inaction:
Comet from VLS Ashlee Stetser:Just to note some frustration with holdings like these is lack of formal enforcement mechanisms (something we hear time and time again in int’l law). States opt-in to being held to account, thereby giving up their sovereignty, which states are rarely incentivized to do unless there’s something in it for them (the US is rarely not one of these states); given the SVP is currently in rule in Switzerland (currently throwing a tantrum and calling to leave the Council of Europe based on this very decision)it’s a wait-and-see game. Also to note, the Swiss are not members of the EU…
Return to BBC 4:27-7:22 Record 10 months warming.
Citizens Climate Lobby training on talking about climate change with people in your life:
Mane subject, How much can urban land use policy do for the climate: Play 0-17:33 or to 25:50

4/4 show 

All about Having Fun:


3/28 Show info
Blue Bird house build: 2 very important positive moves to reduce global emissions of GH gases
1) The work of methane sat.
First 14:15 of

2) Biden announced $6 Billion for reducing emissions from industrial production processes first 6:04 min of Volts/ we played part of this not the one above as intended. also interesting:

​Yesterday’s 350Vermont’s electricity committee with our congressional reps staff for environmental affairs

VNRC Presents the 2024 Wild & Scenic Film Festival! **Woodstock screening postponed to May 2nd due to inclement weather**



3/21 Show info

Bird note: Yale  Which actions benefit the climate the most?

See the tool-program:

7 Days article affluent Vermonters suggest a 3% sercharge
Renewable Energy Carbon absorbing building in Taipei Taiwan The annual carbon absorption reaches around 130 tons with green coverage at 246%

Guest: Kevin Geiger of Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission; How floods happen and what’s to do?

Events: Bill Mckibben on line 3/26 4/5 Film produce of “Innodation”

3/14 Show info Bird note Two clips. then What is Imbodied Carbon from 3/5 And then: Converting vacant offices to apartments would be a win for the climate from 2/26 ​Gest: Tom Hughes of VPIRG to talk about climate legislation in crossover. Standing Trees VT telephone gapp. Register your complaint:

March 26 – Speaker Series – Bill McKibben, “In the hottest year, where do we stand? Notes from the climate fight”

3/7 Show info Nest Boxes Legislature at crossover: Electrifying your home, a plan: Rewire America website with lots of resources: One page document on planning: 2/29 Show info  Birds- Diversity Eclips April 8 Guest: Environmental Defence Fund’s Doria Gordon. About this episode from Extinction rebellion radio: We can’t tackle the climate emergency without some level of government regulation. Those regulations don’t work unless they are enforced. But enforcement isn’t happening, not very widely anyway. To understand how and why environmental protections are not being enforced in both the U.S. and the U.K. we talk with Eleanor Godwin, the researcher who compiled and published this information. Audioport link: Run time: 25:00 About the series: Extinction Rebellion Radio, also abbreviated XR Radio, uploads a half hour spot climate-related show with a radical perspective that you probably won’t hear on mainstream media, every week no later than Thursday.

2/22 Show Info Bird note Podcast from Didi Pershouse. How grass roots mentorship in India saved the environment, the farmers and the quality of food: 2/15 Show info Bird Note: * David Roberts fron Efficiency VT’s Drive electric will be our guest: * Hunter Lovins shows us rates of adoption of new technologies and lots more: * Also of interest Quick Charging in the Future: Events: Extinction Rebellion call for you to get involved: Our Open House on Saturday, February 24, 11 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. MT, 1 p.m. CT, 2 p.m. ET, is for you! Todays:

Register Here!

Today’s show:

2/8 Show Info House passes RES. on to the senate. to stay in the loup sign in here: Good article on House RES action: Our guest Debbie New, heat pumps and especially capturing waste heat with community networked and Ground Source Heat pumps. Lots of resources here: (Vermont Community Thermal Networks) 2/1/24 Show info Bird: Report, Together March and Rally for Justice Guest: VT Senator Becca White chair of the Vermont Climate Solutions Caucus Are we on track for meeting the Affordable Heat Act goals? Should the electricity providers be allowed to maintain a complete monopoly? How can the public gain a bigger say? Keeping community solar an option Legislation update?


1/25 Show info * *Owl calls: Bard, first track:,Calls,%2C%20hoots%2C%20caws%20and%20gurgles.,is%20used%20to%20defend%20territories.,than%20half%20a%20mile%20away.,defending%20the%20nest%20and%20offspring. * Concepts on: How to get traction: cooling locally versus carbon sequestration Didi Pershouses podcasts: * Vermonters Together – Building a Better Future
Rally and March for Justice: Saturday January 27, 2024 1-3pm
Meet at Montpelier City Hall – March to the Vermont Statehouse * Recycling EV batteries: * Tesla’s thin film PV:

Recording of show:

1/17 Show info Early Universe is not as expected. Web Telescope explorations are causing a rethink of the theory general of relativity.,black%20holes%20grew%20so%20rapidly.&text=A%20team%20of%20astronomers%20has,feasts%20upon%20its%20host%20galaxy. more anomalies Guest Jennifer Byrne, head of the White River Conservation district. Fill in the questionnaire 1/11 Show Info Ecosystems reign: Guest: “Skeeter”-Michael, permaculturalist extraordinaire of  Tools for accelerating the process of regeneration. and Herbs: More of Skeeter’s confrences: A teaching guide of environmental songs: First Night groop environmental sing Port twsend WA 1/4/2024 show info Now is the Time to Act: plants cool the planet:

12/29 Show Info Book: Climate Optimism by Zahra Biabani Lots of ways we are overcoming especially in the courts. Words of advice for personal action from marine biologist Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. Ask: 1) WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY? 2) WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT? 3) WHAT WORK NEEDS DOING? Guest: Seth Itscan of telling of COPS 28

12/21 Show info Climate is teaching us “Change is Real”. Second major flood event, serious power outages as we come into winter seem a new normal. Lake Champlain is 101% above normal at 97′ with the all time record of 99.9′ in 2021. Guest: Sophie Howe: Dubbed “The Minister of the Future ” for Whales. Their 6 pillars test for making decisions: 12/14 Show info Cop 28 is short on teeth to turn the tide, we did get people talking and aspiring. See James Hansons state of climate: Guest Jason Hill of the VT Center for Ecostudies, The power of diversity in nature and citizen science. get your phone app here.

12/7 Show info Recent Communications from James Hanson

Our Guest Jon Erickson of the Gund institute UVM on circular economy and Vermont Prosperity Project Additional info: Donut hole -circular economy Sophie Howe, director of Whales National Futures Program

Recording of this show:

11/30 Show info snow- power outage Still 2 out on Washington Electric in Tunbridge guest Jarid Duval Energy Action Network The grand overview of the EAN report with questions on: How do we get improved efficiency? What is happening to total lifecycle emissions for HQ and will additionality be calculated? What about grid constraints? If VT is behind how do we get caught up?  Batteries? Regs encouraging more PV and wind? Events: 11/23 Show info guest Steve Crowley Future grid Events:

On Thursday, November 30th, consider attending the public Q&A session on Bill H.59, an act relating to community resilience and biodiversity protection, from 4:30 – 5:30 on Zoom.

Register by going to

Here’s what to expect:

“We are collecting feedback from various stakeholders on several key questions to complete an inventory of current and possible conservation in Vermont:

· What are our values in creating the Conservation Plan? What is important to you to have in the 30×30 and 50×50 Conservation Plan?

· What kinds of land counts towards the goals? What kind of conservation practices or land protection counts towards the goals in the Act?

· How are we getting there? What are the practices, programs, methods we are currently using or could use to get to our goals?

· How do we improve equity? How equitable are existing land protection and conservation strategies and programs? How can we achieve more equity and access?

· What are the current and potential funding opportunities?. What are existing and potential funding sources that can be leveraged to accelerate conservation?”

Follow the link for more information:


Vermont Conservation Strategy Initiative | Vermont Housing & Conservation Board

11/16 Show info Bird Note: Astronomy: starts with beautiful pictures and moves on to such items as early galaxies are to mature, building blocks of life detected very early. Gest: Dan Kittredge head of The Bionutrient Food Association  A deep dive into Food-Health-Climate. and and a 5 minuet animation to explain the cooling process that Walter Jenhe has championed and Dan Kittridge referd to: Recording of show: 11/9 show info Gest Paul Zabriskie weatherization and clean energy at Capstone community action offering free and low cost weatherization for medium and low income Vermonters. recording of show: 11/2 show info and $s for tightening up your house: Windows $600, Doors $500, Insolation 30% up to$1,200, energy audit $150  see: And more help for medium and low income Vermonters From the EPA: Guest: Targeting 100% renewable by 2030 Robin Chestnut Tanergerman: Fracking for geothermal electricity generation (NE probably the best location)

Events: Total energy News Clean Heat standard:We are delighted to announce that we will again be hosting the EAN Leveraging Change Speaker Series, which was a popular in-person event for EAN members before it was shut down by COVID. Restarting on November 2nd from 5-7pm in Montpelier, we plan to host these events approximately once per month to bring in speakers from our broader region who can help advance understanding of emerging opportunities to make breakthrough progress toward Vermont’s climate and energy commitments.

This new series starts close to home with a conversation about: Climate Resilience successes and opportunities. Our speakers will be Sue Minter, Executive Director of Capstone Community Action and Neale Lunderville, President & CEO of VGS, both of whom served as Chief Recovery Officers after Tropical Storm Irene. Peter Walke, Managing Director of Efficiency Vermont, will moderate the conversation. There will also be plenty of time for networking. Light food and non-alcoholic beverages will be supplied by Cafe Noa. Attendees are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages (BYOB).

10/26 Info Bat note: Explosive hurricane development: Our guest Kevin Bailey talking about solar and Solarfest happening this Saturday: Events and actions: Energy Action Network (EAN)  Nov 2 5-7 Montpellier Leveraging Change Speaker Series. Climate Resilience successes and opportunities. Our speakers will be Sue Minter, Executive Director of Capstone Community Action and Neale Lunderville, President & CEO of VGS, both of whom served as Chief Recovery Officers after Tropical Storm Irene. Peter Walke, Managing Director of Efficiency Vermont, will moderate the conversation. There will also be plenty of time for networking. Light food and non-alcoholic beverages will be supplied by Cafe Noa. Attendees are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages (BYOB). Register to attend!

Thanks to everyone who attended the EAN Summit on September 28 and 29. The videos from the first day of the summit are now available on the EAN website. If you attended the summit, but have not yet had a chance to submit your evaluation, please share your feedback with us by the end of this week.

Vermont climate action network website: and programs of special interest from their newsletter:


Opportunity for Comment: Stakeholder Outreach on Climate Financing Report. The office of State Treasurer Mike Pieciak has been tasked by the Legislature with considering strategies for supporting and coordinating the financing of climate infrastructure in Vermont. The Treasurer is requesting public input on how to best support financing climate infrastructure. Share your thoughts and ideas with Comments are due November 3, 2023. To learn more and participate in a focused conversation for Public Agencies and Municipalities in particular, sign up to attend a session on Monday, October 30th from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Learn more and RSVP for Oct. 30th here!


Apply for the 2023 Climate Catalyst Innovation Fund! The Vermont Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund, offered by the Vermont Council on Rural Development, invites individuals and organizations to apply for funding opportunities. This initiative aims to support innovative projects that drive climate resilience, economic development, and community engagement in Vermont. If you have a creative solution to address climate challenges while boosting the economy and strengthening communities, consider applying for this valuable funding opportunity today! Applications close November 6th.


Vermont Energy Education Program Workshop Opportunity!

The Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) brings experiential learning to K-12 classrooms across VT, so students (and teachers!) can understand where our energy comes from and how our energy usage impacts the climate. In support of the Climate Action Plan, we are now offering our hands-on workshops for adult audiences as well. These workshops are especially useful to communities that are considering weatherization initiatives, transportation planning, or other energy conservation/emissions reduction work.  VEEP will help interested towns or energy committees select the right workshop theme and find an action partner that can help participants take some next steps toward energy efficiency, reduced emissions, etc.  These workshops are offered at low or no cost through the support of a grant from the Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity.



Panel: Transitioning to Renewable Energy. Join the Sunderland Energy Committee on October 26th at 7pm at the Manchester Community Library for a forum to explore how to best transition Vermont’s energy needs from largely fossil fuel-based sources to one based primarily around renewable energy sources. The panel includes Neale Lunderville-President and CEO of VGS, Secretary Julie Moore- Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Representative Laura Sibilia, and Jared Duval,Executive Director of the Energy Action Network.  This is an in-person event but it will be recorded by GNAT-TV for later viewing.


Webinar: Join VEC for a Discussion on the Modern Electric Grid. Participate in an engaging discussion with Vermont Energy Co-op regarding the contemporary electric grid and its implications for northern Vermont communities amidst the ongoing energy transformation. This conversation will take place on October 26th at 12pm and encompass strategies for evolving the energy grid to cater to future demands and ensuring an all-encompassing approach to the energy transition. Register here!


Conference: 2023 Apiary for Movement Builders. Join the Vermont Office of Racial Equity for a free two-day conference aimed at inspiring meaningful action that will make Vermont a more just, inclusive, and equitable place on Thursday October 26th and Friday October 27th at Spruce Peak in Stowe. The 2023 Apiary for Movement Builders keynote speaker is Baratunde Thurston, the Emmy-nominated host, producer, writer, and public speaker.  Sessions and speakers will highlight key ways in which inequity shows up in lives and organizations, and provide actionable steps to address them.  Join in for workshops, activist training, a film screening, giveaways, and space to cross-pollinate with others who share your vision for an inclusive Vermont. Learn more and register here!


Webinar: Clean Heat Standard Update. Join the Vermont Sierra Club, VNRC and VPIRG for a virtual discussion on November 8th at 7pm on the current status of the Clean Heat Standard in Vermont. This conversation will provide an update on the progress underway at the Public Utility Commission to design a thermal performance standard in line with the law and future steps to create an affordable, effective and equitable clean heat program that reduces carbon emissions for all Vermonters. Register here!


Conference: Climate Resilience and Adaptation in Vermont. Join the Vermont Community Development Association on November 2nd in Brandon, VT for a day of discussion on community resilience. In light of the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and recent summer flooding here in Vermont, we must proactively bolster community resilience. VCDA’s conference will explore strategies for enhancing disaster preparedness, streamlining procedures, downtown adaptation, and effective grassroots collaborations between neighbors, drawing from successful Vermont community experiences in the face of climate change. Register here!


Workshop: Community Mental Health and Wellbeing. Community wellbeing and mental health are indispensable elements for a prosperous and resilient society. Join the Vermont Community Leadership Network on November 8th at 10am for a workshop that will feature insights from a panel of experts in community mental health and wellness, as well as showcase instances of community well-being initiatives throughout Vermont. Register here!

10/19 Show Info

Words of wisdom:

Five Steps to Climate Sanity:

         Beyond Both Despair and Hopium


  1. Stay abreast of climate science. Accept its difficult conclusions as the best understanding we have. Expect to be alarmed on a regular basis, inescapably. Learn.


  1. Accept also that both societies and natural systems are already fated to devastating developments.  Terrible losses lie ahead.  Almost everything will be changing. The future isn’t what it used to be.  A great sadness is normal.  Cry.


  1. Recognize that warnings about climate change and forceful proposals for national action to address the threats go back almost five decades.  The failure to act over these years may be the greatest failure of civic responsibility in the history of the republic.  Get mad.


  1. Appreciate that no matter how tearful the future, every fraction of a degree makes a difference.  Every bit of warming we prevent is important. Learn well what must be done to head off future devastations, including both the immediate steps and the deep societal and economic transformations. Dream.


  1. Know that the fight for the future requires all of us, each bringing what we can to the effort. Find ways to get involved, seriously involved. Know too that in the end our efforts do not depend on our odds of success.  We must act even in the face of hopelessness, warriors defending a sacred place, simply because it is the right thing to do,rebelling beyond hope because the human spirit tells us with insistence that what is unacceptable-all the suffering, all the loss, all the tears-must not be accepted. Fight.

Gus Speth


October 8,

Our guest: Nancy Mallory publisher of Green Energy Times.

Montpelier 5-7PM October 2nd:

We are delighted to announce that we will again be hosting the EAN Leveraging Change Speaker Series, which was a popular in-person event for EAN members before it was shut down by COVID. Restarting on November 2nd from 5-7pm in Montpelier, we plan to host these events approximately once per month to bring in speakers from our broader region who can help advance understanding of emerging opportunities to make breakthrough progress toward Vermont’s climate and energy commitments.

This new series starts close to home with a conversation about: Climate Resilience successes and opportunities. Our speakers will be Sue Minter, Executive Director of Capstone Community Action and Neale Lunderville, President & CEO of VGS, both of whom served as Chief Recovery Officers after Tropical Storm Irene. Peter Walke, Managing Director of Efficiency Vermont, will moderate the conversation. There will also be plenty of time for networking. Light food and non-alcoholic beverages will be supplied by Cafe Noa. Attendees are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages (BYOB).

Register to attend!

Thanks to everyone who attended the EAN Summit on September 28 and 29. The videos from the first day of the summit are now available on the EAN website. If you attended the summit, but have not yet had a chance to submit your evaluation, please share your feedback with us by the end of this week.

All the best,

Cara, Jared, and Lena

BURNED free screening 10/12 Show links

  • Researchers are discovering that listening to the soil can be a way to understand biodiversity belowground without having to overturn every bit of the land.
  • Studies have shown that soils of restored forest areas have both more complex sounds and more critters than soils of degraded sites.
  • Soils of intensively managed agricultural lands, also appear to be quieter, indicating that soil sounds could be a proxy for soil health.
  • Some researchers are also using sounds to identify distinct species in the soil, which could open up lots of possibilities for both pest management and wildlife conservation.

Our guest: Peter Ehrlich recent diy heat pump installer. His guide: Citizens Climate Lobby is preparing to lobby Vermont legislators in DC on these subjects: Carbon Pricing, Healthy Forests, Clean Energy Permitting Reform, Building Electrification and Efficiency. You can join the CCL vermonters callWednesday night, October 18, we hope you’ll join us also for our Vermont monthly call at 7:30pm Eastern. (Note: the Vermont call usually lasts about an hour.) Here is the link to the call:  Password: 123 And from Bill McKibben: 10/5 Show links Bird note: Nut hatches warding off squirrels just how do greenhouse gasses work? brace yourself. My takeaway, Cool now by increasing green cover which will move ground heat up to cloud height giving it a much shorter escape route to space. bringing back wild bees: also see: Native bees such as the mason bee are more efficient at pollination than honeybees.  It takes about two hundred and fifty mason bees to pollinate one acre of apple trees. It would take approximately ten thousand to two hundred fifty-thousand honeybees to accomplish the same task. So what can we do to help preserve and increase this crop of pollinators? Here are a couple of easy ideas… Our guest: Robyn King, Efficiency VT’s home weatherization program manager. Learn how you can make progress. Customer support line: 888-921-5990,is%20sponsored%20by%20Efficiency%20Vermont. $s here for you too:  Upcoming events: October 14, Convergence, I skill up and Power up. Sign up. 9/28 Show info: Bird note daily Guest Gene Krouse of Bethel energy Committee: Burning or Burrowing, Upcoming event October 5 5:00 meal, 5:30-7:00 program at Bethel elementary and Middle school. (Ground source heat pumps) Weigh in on not going the root of spending to heat the UVM hospital with low efficiency wood burning and keeping Mcneal alive for many more years at the same time. The bottom line, Even with the updates it is only 29% efficient, see Visit link for taking action… a phone call: 9/14 show info: Guest David roberts of Drive Electric VT Other ways to turn down the heat besides fossil fuel reduction: Nature will help if we stop fighting with it. See: Film Regenerating Life trailer.

And more from Humming Bird Films

SYMBIOTIC EARTH TRAILER (1.5 minutes)A film about Lynn Margulis, a scientific rebel who challenged entrenched theories of evolution to present a new narrative: life evolves through collaboration. More on the power of nature when there is diversity, the quarm effect: Christien Jones: And from yesterday’s news letter from the Bionutrient Food Association building on diversity: Any individual metric like local vs. grocery store, organic vs. not organic, this variety vs. that variety, does not seem to be a good identifier as to what the overall nutrient levels of a crop are. Our hypothesis is that overall system function of the soil, instead of claims like no-till or cover crop, is much more likely to be the dominant causal factor in determining the quality of crops produced. To Join the “NO to Fossil Fuels” bus toure and march in NYC on Sunday the 17th contact Maeve McCurdy (she/her)

Operations Manager

802-793-3270 9/6 Show links: VT 350 activities and Buss to NYC for climat day 8/31 Show info Carbon border adjustment in 60 seconds It is coming like it or not. Ted Halstead presenting an approach republicans could buy into including further info on climate border adjustment. Further in depth CBam info from CCL 40 minutes. Supporting farmers with flood relief, both giving and applying 8/24 Show info Saul Griffith on VOLT podcast Series of the IRA from NPR: Electric carreimberesments in Vermont: Tonight 5;30 – 6;30 green drinks 8/17 Show info our guest Andres Aulelet of Tunbridge. Solar Do It Yourself, reducing our consumption, living more comfortably. resource: James Hanson says [Political leaders at the United Nations COP (Conference of the Parties) meetings give the impression that progress is being made and it is still feasible to limit global warming to as little as 1.5°C. That is pure, unadulterated, hogwash, as exposed by minimal understanding of Fig. 6 here and Fig. 27 in reference 6. It is important that the remarkable observations that allowed construction of Fig. 6 are continued and improved – which is a greater challenge than governments may be aware of. Precise observations are needed from space and throughout the global ocean.] see: Join the march to end fossil fuel in NYC September 17th busses from VT by VT350 limited space so sign up now: 8/10 Show info Bird courses from Macaulay-Cornell Guest David Farnsworth. Regulatory Assistance Program,  & Capture CO2 making sustainable building materials: 8/3 Show info Book A Forest Journey, The role of trees in the fate of civilization by John Perlin. Intro and endnotes of special interest.

Events:  Hoodwinked: Missing the forest for the trees

Thu., August 10 at 7 PM, BALE Commons, South Royalton

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Also Homo Naledi GUESTS: ‘s Ben Walch and Anna Seuberling, The Make Big Oil Pay campaign The NYT series Todd recommended: 7/27 show info We are in a climate crisis. Smoke Fire Flood and the creation of uninhabitable zones. 2023 Antarctic sea Ice is not forming on schedule. Aric mels is business as usual due to smoke shading. In 50 year 1/3 of the words population will be uninhabitable zones Make your home more energy efficient. Capstone may do it for free: Current rebates: Hold lawmakers accountable for what they say is what they do. Listen to 7/26 episode of Reveal exposing the feds Renewable energy Credit greenwashing: 7/20 Show info Doon of Green Mountain Bikes in Rochester will be our guest to talk about Electric Bikes. Hoodwinked in the Greenwashed mountains continues: also discussion circle next meeting 7/30 at 6:30 contact, Past programs are up on YouTub. See Kevin Jones presentation on our electricity: Also see what Canada did about a carbon tax: Citizens Climate Lobby has been working on US carbon tax for years and has good traction in Washington. see what the vermont team said about their recent trip to Washington. Come to the upper valley CCL  gathering this Saturday in Wilder at 12:00. Contact me for details Join me on this Zoom call and hear how to spread the word on using the Inflation Reduction Act dollars to reduce our energy usage. Event Details What: Rewiring America & Abode Energy Management Webinar When: Monday, July 24th, 2-3pm EST. Where: Meeting ID: 890 1292 1967 7/13 Show Info Peter Sterling Executive director of Renewable Energy Vermont our guest. Climate- fires, floods, 100-1,000 year events- how do we generate our electricity with out greenwashing? Is livestock grazing necessary for climate mitigation? Allan Savory and George Monbiot: 6/29 show info Courtney Collins Will tell us about the HOT TOPICS series at the law school, Additionality? The big problem with carbon offsets And more from the series Future energy news 6/22 show info Guest Earl Hatley of indigenous peoples and helping to develop Hoodwinked in the Green(washed) mountains and the national evaluation of what is and is not green: Dr. William Moomaw- Humanity’s Mortality Moment: 27 minutes from 3 years ago so the required change is not greater. 6/15 show info Guest Peter Girade of Biomass burning vrs forest sequestration see start at 34:50 Hoodwinked at BALE tonight 7PM 6/8 show info HOODWINKED IN THE GREEN(WASHED) MOUNTAINS series Bill McKibben talk at saturday’s VECAN spring conference plus resources for $s and help getting and planning for action: Our Guest author Heidi Roop THE CLIMATE ACTION HANDBOOK a visual guide to 100 climate solutions 

6/1/23 show Roger Hill Big picture weather-climate.

links: Steady State Economics